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Our guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee you will be fully satisfied and feel the way you want to feel. If you don’t, just let us know by calling within 60 days of the purchase of a program or product and you’ll receive a prompt refund of your purchase price, minus shipping and handling, even if you’ve taken all the supplements.

A natural approach

We put great effort into making the nutrients in our supplements bioavailable. There are no toxins, hormone disruptors, artificial preservatives, or synthetic dyes. Our philosophy is to support your body so it can balance itself naturally, as it was meant to do.

You can cancel at anytime

More than 92% of women who try our health programs and products are satisfied, but there is never any purchase commitment. You may cancel anytime only by calling 1-800-448-4919.

Our approach is simple and effective

We’ve refined and perfected our approach over the last 20 years. With over hundreds of thousands of happy customers, we know how to make it work for you too.

Exceptional customer service

We’re here for you Monday through Friday, and you can call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns. And every e-mail gets a personalized answer.

You’ll never, ever receive a sales call from us

We respect our relationship with you and won’t be calling to sell you anything.

Personalized attention

Each woman is unique and so is her path to wellness. That’s why we tailor the approach to your symptoms, and you can talk to our Advisors to help solve any problems you meet along the way.

Innovative, carefully-researched formulas

Our supplements are carefully formulated by a panel of experts, both in-house and independent, including PhDs, MDs, NDs, and NPs — all of whom have decades of experience using specialized nutrients in clinical practice.

We’re in Portland, Maine

When you call, you’ll speak to a woman who’s usually been with us for years, with the authority to do what it takes to make you happy.

Standards far above FDA requirements

All of our supplements are manufactured in laboratories that meet or exceed the FDA’s GMP standards. We also take the extra step to require testing of every single production batch to ensure it matches the label specifications — an extra level of protection we’ve borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry.

Your privacy is protected

We carefully safeguard your personal details, and your payment information is encrypted and secure. We never share the information you give us with other companies, or allow them to promote their products to you.

Manage your account on-line

My Account lets you change shipment dates, update account information, order additional supplements, and track your progress.

Your health * Your happiness

We are now one of the largest and most popular natural-health websites for women. Thanks to our customers, this rich resource is available to women around the world — absolutely free.