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Hormonal Imbalance Quiz

Hormonal Imbalance Quiz Hormonal Imbalance Quiz

Recently, are you:

1. Feeling high-strung or overly stimulated by triggers in your environment (e.g., loud noises, too many people, chemical sensitivities, allergies, etc.)
2. Sleeping more than you used to, yet still waking up tired
3. Feeling dizzy or lightheaded when you stand from a seated or reclined position
4. Craving salty foods, and experiencing an energy crash 1 to 3 hours after eating sweets

Recently, are you:

5. Suffering from fatigue that is noticeably worse with emotional stress or physical exercise
6. Experiencing more frequent urination and thirst
7. Experiencing headaches that often resolve when you eat something
8. Overeating and craving carbohydrates

Recently, are you:

9. Struggling to lose weight even while dieting
10. Having trouble concentrating or staying focused/on task
11. Suffering from physical or emotional symptoms that are noticeably worse before your period
12. Experiencing noticeable changes in your period (e.g., lighter or heavier periods, intermittent periods, absence of periods)

Recently, are you:

13. Experiencing breast tenderness
14. Feeling irritable, sad, weepy, or not like yourself
15. Having hot flashes and night sweats
16. Trouble falling asleep at night or waking up at night with difficulty falling back to sleep

Recently, are you:

17. Experiencing puffiness around your eyes (in the morning) or lower legs and ankles (in evening)
18. Experiencing unexplained weight gain over the past year
19. Feeling especially sluggish in your thinking and body movements
20. Experiencing body temperature that tends to be low (as opposed to fluctuating throughout the day)

One more question:

21. What’s your age?

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