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We began in Maine decades ago, when the internet was pretty new. Since then WHN has become a trusted resource. But the real story is our future.

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Million Women

We’ve helped so far.
We hope you’re next.

Years of Experience

We were pioneers then
and we’re still leaders today.

Simple Mission

Fix women’s health.
It isn’t working well now.

What we believe

What we believe

Our core belief is simple: healthy is your natural state.
But modern life and the conventional medical system aren’t giving most women what their bodies require to get healthy and stay that way.

We step into that gap with real-world solutions built on science and what we’ve learned from helping women every day.

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Free health tools

Free health tools

We’ve built a set of rich resources, from insider knowledge to practical tips, free online quizzes and tools, as well as products and solutions that we’ve proven in practice.


Who we are

Who we are

We’re a network of practicing physicians, experts and advocates, plus a community of women who want to take control of their health.

L-R, Dr. Hayden, Dr. Stills, Dr. Brown, Dr. Arora, Dr. James.

WHN Doctors
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What makes us different

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We’re more science-based than the sites that claim to be fashionable, or your friend.

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There are no celebrities or impossibly good-looking models here. Let’s be real.


Everything we publish on women’s health is authored or reviewed by a credentialed expert.

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There are no misleading or exaggerated claims about our protocols or products. That means no fads, either.

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We don’t pay for reviews – those (mostly) 5-star reviews are all from Trust Pilot-verified actual buyers.

We're a community, too

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We're a community, too

We’re on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram too, providing steady support to tens of thousands of women.

Shop our solutions - and support our work.

Shop our solutions - and support our work.

You support our work by purchasing our products. This way our content isn’t influenced by advertisers.

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Our Experts

Dr. Sarika Arora, MD
Dr. Sarika Arora, MD
Board-certified in integrative medicine. Active practice in Boston. Passionate about women’s health
Dr. Pier Boutin, MD
Dr. Pier Boutin, MD
Board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Practice balances non-surgical solutions with the latest science on joint health
Dr. Susan Brown, PhD
Dr. Susan Brown, PhD
Best-selling author and bone health pioneer. Creator of Better Bones/Better Body. Practice centers on natural methods for clients with advanced bone loss
Barbara Carrellas, AASECT
Barbara Carrellas, AASECT
World-famous sex expert and educator. Best-selling author of Urban Tantra and other books on sex and ecstasy
Dr. Amber Hayden, DO
Dr. Amber Hayden, DO
A published researcher and supplement expert with many years of experience in medical testing and diagnostics. Now counsels patients in North Carolina
Round Experts Mary
Dr. Mary James, ND
A naturopathic physician who authors and reviews women’s health articles for Women’s Health Network. She has advanced training in menopause, nutritional endocrinology, anti-aging, and hormonal imbalances
Sharon Stills
Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD
Trained in naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda and TCM as well as European Biological Medicine and pharmaceutical compounding